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All day and all year-round sun protection with retractable shades

In Australia we understand how dangerous our sun can be, not just in summer but all year round. This can make it be hard to leave the safety of indoors and enjoy the weather without risking sun damage. At Shade ‘n Net we have shade solutions that will ensure you utilise your space at your outdoor facility. With construction time taking only 4 weeks, you can be prepared for any season in no time.

  • Comfort
  • Sun Safety
  • Reduced wind
  • Reduced temperatures
  • Increased memberships
  • Fast open and close technology
  • 40 meters of coverage

Increased sun protection and preventative sun damage

Retractable shades play a pivotal role in reducing the risk of melanoma and skin cancer by providing effective sun protection. Our shading systems can be strategically placed in outdoor areas to create shaded spaces, shielding individuals from harmful UV rays. By moderating sunlight exposure and minimising direct contact with the sun, retractable shades contribute significantly to skin cancer prevention.

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Shade solutions available for all facilities

Our retractable shade solutions provide you with fast, all-year-round sun protection. With a total operation time of 3 minutes and covering over 40 metres, your outdoor facility or recreational area will keep users of your outdoor area safe.

Women playing outdoor bowls

Retirement Villages

Retractable shades prove invaluable in retirement villages, offering a multifaceted solution to enhance residents' well-being. These shades protect retirees from the sun's intensity, ensuring comfortable outdoor spaces year-round. By fostering shaded, inviting environments, these systems encourage socialisation and community engagement. Moreover, they contribute to residents' health by moderating sunlight exposure and protecting against harmful UV rays.

Outdoor bowls green under shade

Council/Government Facilities

Strategically placed shades in public areas provide sun protection and create comfortable outdoor spaces, fostering community engagement. The adaptability of retractable shades contributes to energy efficiency by regulating indoor temperatures, aligning with sustainable practices and reducing operational costs. These shading systems improve the visual appeal of government buildings and public spaces, showcasing commitment to functionality and aesthetics.

Aerial shot of retractable shade over outdoor bowls green

Outdoor Recreational Facilities

Retractable shades are beneficial for recreational facilities like lawn bowls, swimming pools and soccer fields. By strategically deploying retractable shades, these facilities can regulate temperatures, ensuring optimal conditions for both players and spectators. This adaptability enhances the overall experience, making these spaces usable in different weather conditions.

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