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Aquatic Centres and Swimming Pools Shades

Shade ‘N Net can provide a shade structure for your swimming pool or aquatic centre and design the elements so they compliment the pool and surrounding architecture by providing the best aquatic centre shade for the best possible UV protection. Our custom designs allow us to provide a high quality cost effective solution for any size or shape of swimming pool.

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Aquatic Shade Solutions

Installing shade over or around your swimming pool allows the pool to be utilized to it's full potential. Not only does shade enhance the look of the pool and its surrounds but it creates a space for the users and the community to relax and enjoy without the effects of the sun, wind or rain affecting their experience, allowing the space to be used more frequently and maximise the usage of the pool or aquatic centre.

Due to the harsh environment required at aquatic centres, our shade structures are manufactured from only the highest grade shade fabric, PVC membrane or Colourbond sheeting. Combining this with only the most durable finish on the steel work you can be assured that your shade structure will stand the test of time. Whether you are after protection from the sun, rain or both we can custom design a shade solution that will meet and exceed your greatest expectations.

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